Honey Hot Chocolate Like Never Before

Many moons ago, I lived in New York City. One of my favorite activities to mark the changing of the seasons as summer turned to fall, and fall turned to winter, was a hot chocolate tour around the city. I am a chocolate lover to my core, and the selection and quality of hot chocolate in New York City is, in a word, magnificent.

Jacques Torres. L.A. Burdick. Max Brenner. La Maison du Chocolat. Just to name a few.

It took me a while to figure out a way to match this same taste and soul-filling experience with an SCD-friendly recipe. But, finally, we have a winner. No little packets of mini marshmallows stirred into water here, no sir.

This honey hot chocolate is good. Really good.

Creamy, rich and cozy like hot chocolate should be. But even better because it is refined-sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, and can be whipped up in five minutes.

Read on below, give the recipe a try and tell me what you think! Especially those of you who are chocolate lovers following restricted diets. This may just make your day!

The Ingredients

Ingredients including 100% cacao, honey, vanilla extract, cashew milk and sea salt

Here’s what you need – only five simple ingredients:

  • Unsweetened Cashew Milk – look for additive-free cashew milk; my favorite is Malk, which I find in the refrigerated section of Fresh Thyme.
  • 100% Cacao – I like Ghirardelli or Baker’s, but any 100% cacao bar will do.
  • Honey – local raw honey is always a good choice.
  • Vanilla Extract – pure vanilla extract (not flavoring).
  • Salt – just a small pinch.

It takes about five minutes to mix this all together, making it a simple go-to recipe for me this winter. Add the chocolate and cashew milk to a saucepan. Keep on medium heat to melt the chocolate (being careful not to burn it). Stir in your honey, vanilla and salt. Add to your favorite mug and you’re good to go!

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