Tasty Finds: Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bar

Refined sugar free, dairy free chocolatey truffle bar that is sweetened only with honey and is SCD and Paleo Friendly

I remember the day I stumbled upon Honey Mama’s several years ago at a local juicery here in Cincinnati (quick shout out to Rooted which has been stocking these bars for years). At the time, finding chocolate that was sweetened only with honey and SCD legal had been almost impossible. I was SO surprised to read the ingredient list and realize I could eat it!

Luckily, over the past few years, more and more small businesses have created amazing honey-based chocolates. Check out this post on the best honey-sweetened chocolate bars that can be ordered and delivered right to your door. 😊

Honey Mama’s is almost in a category all of its own. It is more fudge truffle-like than a crisp chocolate bar. And they literally melt in your mouth. They are decadent and just so delicious!

The texture is derived from a mixture of cocoa or cacao powder, honey, and coconut oil. This means these bars need to be refrigerated. Definitely check the refrigerated sections of Fresh Thyme and Whole Foods to see if they carry them near you, or you can also order directly from Honey Mama’s via their website.

Favorite Flavor: Coffee Nib Crunch

All of their flavors have been really interesting to try, especially combinations like Tahini Tangerine and Lavender Rose.

My favorite so far has been the Coffee Nib Crunch.

It has a dark chocolatey flavor that melds perfectly with a hint of coffee and added crunch from cacao nibs. I have always liked texture in my chocolate bars (think sea salt + almonds, fruit and nut, etc.), so if you’re like me, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

The Coffee Nib Crunch bar has only eight total ingredients, which the Honey Mama’s website lists as “alkalized Organic cocoa, raw organic honey, medium shred Organic coconut, unrefined Organic coconut oil, Organic cacao nibs, ground coffee, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt.”

I have not yet had the chance to try their Oregon Mint bar since it hasn’t been carried in any of my local stores. Mint and chocolate is a favorite combination of mine, so this is high on my must-try list for sometime soon!

Special Dietary Considerations

According to the Honey Mama’s website, their bars are Paleo and refined sugar free. They are also soy free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free and grain free. That makes these SCD friendly, for my diet at least.

Fun Facts

As an added bonus, Honey Mama’s is a woman-owned business founded by Christy Goldsby in 2013. She started with small roots at the Portland Famers Market in Oregon and has been growing Honey Mama’s ever since. I feel proud to have been following their journey over the past few years and loved watching them scale to new stores, refine their super cool brand and sustainable packaging, and keep creating awesome new flavors.

I’ll be continuing to be a super fan from here in the Midwest. 😊

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