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The BEST honey sweetened chocolates

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you will LOVE these honey-sweetened chocolate bars. Avoiding refined sugar in chocolate is no easy feat. Luckily, more companies are catching on and are starting to use honey as the sweetener of choice in their chocolate bars.

These six brands are among the best chocolates I’ve ever had. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness. AND, all of them are refined sugar-free. Hooray!

Also, as an added bonus, almost all are small businesses, many are women-owned and/or minority-owned, and most use eco-friendly packaging. I am so inspired by these food entrepreneurs. I hope you give them all a try!

Each of these chocolate bars would also make an excellent birthday or holiday gift (just sayin’…)!

The Best Honey Chocolate Bars

  1. Elements Truffles – truly the most beautiful chocolates I’ve ever had! This company is such an inspiration. Their Ayurveda-inspired chocolates have unique flavor combinations and a perfect texture. The flavor is unmatched. They source the finest ingredients and are committed to the highest standards. They also give back to the community. Definitely worth checking out!
  2. Cacao Cocoon – these chocolate bars are incredible. The addition of vanilla and cashew milk in some of the flavors gives these bars a silky smooth flavor that is absolutely delicious. This woman-owned family business has perfected its craft and is well worth the indulgence!
  3. Vosges Raw Honey Cacao – a classic chocolate bar. Squares snap off nice and crisp. When I’m craving a good old chocolate bar, this is my go-to. I can find it at my local Kroger, meaning I buy a bar every week!
  4. Honey Mama’s – prepare to be amazed! Unbelievably rich. Amazingly delicious flavors. Honey Mama’s falls somewhere between fudge and chocolate bar. I fully believe everyone needs to try it! Plus, their brand is so fun! I find these at local health food stores, including Fresh Thyme. Only one catch: they need to be refrigerated.
  5. Good Stuff Cacao – this was the original honey chocolate I stumbled across. It made for a VERY happy day! Their peppermint chocolate is my favorite. They also sell their chocolate in larger packages which is great for baking! (Chocolate chunks in almond flour cookies anyone?).
  6. Honeymoon Chocolates – A midwest bar coming at ya! This small business is creating unique chocolate bars that use hand-crafted roasting and stone-ground techniques. And they support honeybee research!

Fun Fact

Interestingly, when I began searching for honey chocolates, I learned that the honey + chocolate combination is an ancient one. Thousands of years ago in Central America, Mayans would combine honey and chocolate, along with other ingredients such as chili peppers or flowers.

Thanks for reading!

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